La Quercia. Iowa or Italy? Try “Crumble.”

La QuerciaLa Quercia are a group of fanatics making world-class cured pork products in Iowa. Their Prosciuttos and other cured meats are on par with the best of Italy, and some feel that they outshine anything that is imported into the US.

Quite ingeniously, the trimmings from these noble salumi do not go to waste: La Quercia coarsely chops and packages these as Prosciutto and Speck “Crumble.” This is pure evil-genius stuff: a tablespoon or two of your newest secret ingredient will effortlessly add an astonishing depth of flavor  to egg dishes, soups, and pasta.

La Quercia’s products are used and endorsed by a veritable who’s who of American chefs, see their  website for much more information. Prosciutto (in many variations), Speck, Pancetta, and Guanciale are all available, but an excellent place to start is with a “Kitchen Sampler” which includes smaller quantities of Pancetta, Guanciale, and Prosciutto and Speck “Crumble.”


La Quercia

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