Red chard. Jay Hill Farm. Add umami.

Red ChardIt’s early, so greens are the order of the day, and greenhouses. Jay Hill Farm had some gorgeous baby red swiss chard, our inaugural ingredient. This is how I almost always prepare chard: a simple Italian-style sauté, but with a modern twist at the end.

Umami, the so-called “fifth” taste (in addition to sweet, salty, sour and bitter), is often described as “savory”. Only recently recognized in western cuisine, umami was named and understood many years ago in Japan. Fundamental taste or not, umami enriches flavors and is associated with ingredients like MSG, soy sauce, aged cheeses such as parmesan, and even ketchup.

Red Chard Sauté

  1. 2 small bunches red chard
  2. 1 Tb garlic, minced
  3. 2 Tb olive oil
  4. soy or tamari sauce

Remove stalks from chard, and chop into 1″ strips cross-wise. Heat olive oil until just before it smokes, add garlic, toss briefly then add chard. Cook for a minute or two, a bit more time that you would with spinach, but do not overcook. Add a splash of soy or tamari, toss, and serve immediately.

Some people cut some of the stalks into a 1/4″ dice and include in the sauté. I don’t, preferring the texture of the greens alone.


Jay Hill Farm

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