Thick, rich. Fage Greek yogurt. Say “FAY-yeh.”

Fage YogurtFage yogurt will change your life. Like most all Greek yogurt, it is strained to remove most of the whey; the result is thick and creamy beyond belief. Available at Whole Foods in “Classic” (full-fat), 2%, and 0% (non-fat), even the 0% makes all other yogurt seem thin and flavorless. The culinary possibilities are many: use it to replace crème fraîche or sour cream in any recipe, and with a light touch substitute for butter or heavy cream in others.


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  1. oryoki Says:

    Also available at King Soopers. Fruit to mix in package also. Guess where it’s less expensive. And you don’t have to put up with aliens from outerspace.

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