Corn #1. Butter or no? Binds salt.

CornFresh corn from Munson Farms is here in a big way, and I brought a few ears straight home for an early lunch. Some say that fresh corn needs nothing, no cooking, no salt, and no butter. I disagree, and prefer to boil corn in heavily salted water for 5-7 minutes then add a light coat of butter and a generous sprinkling of kosher salt.

The salt is the key, and the butter holds just the right amount in place. With great corn, and Munson’s certainly is, it’s sheer perfection.


Munson Farms

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2 Responses to “Corn #1. Butter or no? Binds salt.”

  1. oryoki Says:

    Ray, if you would grow some of your own corn in the back yard or the near by community plots you could sample the corn instantly upon picking.

    It just might change your mind about adulterating fresh sweet corn.

    The moment you break the corn from the stalk the sugar begins to turn to starch. The sooner the better.

    Eating corn in the field you’ve just pulled is like putting a golf ball through the early morning dew.

    Or being the first to post a new route on nearby rock, or, or…

  2. bcofresh Says:


    I agree, if you are able to pick and eat immediately. In fact, the first ear that day went down raw, with only a squeeze of lime juice – this is apparently how some of the pickers at Munson’s eat it.

    I guess I should say that adding butter and salt is best for the typical case, where corn is hours or even days old. However, it seems like a perfect fresh-picked tomato would be at its best unadorned, but a pinch of salt makes it even better. Really, this is what condiments are all about; don’t underestimate their power.

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