Corn #2. Cool summer soup. Too milky.

On a cold soup kick, I tried a riff on this Summer Corn Soup recipe from the latest Bon Appetit. The premise is intriguing: corn is stripped from the cobs and sautéed with aromatic vegetables, meanwhile the cob is simmered in milk to extract even more corn flavor. All is combined, puréed, and chilled; I served as small “shots.”

The results were pleasant enough, if a bit too milky for my taste. Next time around I’ll take a more classic chowder-style approach.


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  1. oryoki Says:

    After you cut off the kernels use the knife edge or back bone to scrape the germ out of the kernels. This not only extracts more flavor but the majority of vitality from corn on the cob. If you’re not making soup just scoop up the germ from your cutting board with a spoon and eat it raw. No butter or salt needed for fresh sweet corn.

  2. oryoki Says:

    “…germ out of the kernels.”

    should read…germ out of the cob.

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