The Penguin. Similar to Pellegrino. Less carbon.

So much has been written about bottled water. The sheer volume of plastic or glass in the landfill. The absurdity of paying a premium for repackaged city water stored in mysterious plastics. Even more unsettling, just consider the carbon footprint involved in transporting a product like San Pellegrino water from Italy to the US. Water is heavy to begin with, add the glass and packaging, float it across the Atlantic then truck it to your local Costco; let’s just admit that there are hidden costs that really should restrain your initial glee at the unbelievable $10 case price.

Nonetheless, I, along with so many others, am addicted to agua con gas.

Strike back with The Penguin. This device makes carbonated water at home on a reasonable scale and at a very low cost. With filtered water (Brita or ilk) and the glass carafes most of the obvious health issues are covered, the price is right, and the end result delicious.

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