Week four: ubiquitous greens, not all leafy

The haul included the ubiquitous leafy greens, and then a little excitement.

  1. Salad greens.
  2. Braising greens (combination of beet, kale, turnip greens).
  3. English peas!
  4. A bunch of baby carrots.
  5. More turnips.
  6. My lagniappe: mint.

Not surprisingly, salad greens and carrots went straight into salads. Turnips were pickled “in the manner of David Chang.” More on that later.

Braising greens were, well, braised. I sautéed pancetta until rendered, added greens, cooked until wilted, Then, added a bit of chicken stock, covered, and finished in a 300 degree oven for about 10 minutes. Results were tender and not mushy, delicious.

I fought back the urge to devour the peas raw, and instead blanched them for about 3 minutes and served with a decadent amount of butter.

Mint? Mojitos.

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