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Top Chef. Boulder chefs compete. Good luck.

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

Boulder chefs Hosea Rosenberg (executive chef, Jax) and Melissa Harrison (sou chef, Centro) will compete against 17 hopefuls on the 5th season of Top Chef. This show is a guilty pleasure, and once again it looks like the talent is deep enough to make up for the silly challenges and bombastic hosting. It’s worth noting that both chefs are part of Dave Query’s empire, good luck to them.

Read more in this Daily Camera article.

Introducing iJam. Jamón Ibérico reinvented. With Apple.

Friday, July 4th, 2008


Apple enters the fine food market. See a very funny spoof of Apple style from a creative agency in España here. Be sure to watch the “guided tour” video … letter perfect.

This is especially timely, as real Jamón Ibérico, even the finest de bellota, is finally becoming available in this backwards country of ours. At a steep price, of course, but no more sweating customs with tightly wrapped jamón concealed in your luggage…

Broccoli rabe. Blanch then sauté . Peel stalks?

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Broccoli Rabe/RapiniBroccoli Rabe, in Italian Rapini, is another unlikely relation to the turnip. The name suggests common broccoli but this is not the case, either taxonomically or in terms of taste. I’ve always chopped unpeeled rapini coarsely, blanched for two or three minutes in salted water, sautéed, then turned down the heat and covered the pan, effectively braising. Marcella has a very different approach: she peels the thicker stalks, chops coarsely and blanches for fifteen minutes in heavily salted water, then sautés briefly at high heat. She also adds chickpeas, or ceci, the sweetness of which balances the bitterness of the rapini beautifully, and a little red pepper to liven things up.

I cooked the dish with local rapini Marcella-style, and also with my old method. There is no comparison: the longer blanch and brief sauté creates a tender yet crisp result, much less mushy, and with brighter flavors.


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