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Blasut’s chicken. Profusion of herbs. Marcella rules.

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Blasut's ChickenReturning once more to the really excellent Marcella Says, I cooked a very memorable pasta dish using ground chicken thighs. For chicken, I immediately think of Wisdom’s – this is chicken as chicken used to taste before megapoultry. I first made the dish from the cookbook, but later found the recipe online at the Washington Post. Amazing and unexpected results, so good that I made it twice: once grinding the chicken thighs myself, and then simplifying a bit by using Wisdom’s convenient ready-ground chicken.

“Blasut” is the moniker of the restauranteur in Friuli that invented this recipe. Sounds quaint, but the dish is not traditional at all. As Marcella points out, both the number and quantity of herbs is unusual in Italian cooking, but the effect is wonderful. The recipe calls for lemon peel, mint, rosemary, and sage, and the resulting flavors are multi-level and nuanced. Don’t even think of using dried herbs. Blasut serves the dish with a grilled pasta called mlinci (apparently quite different from the Croatian mlinci); I made do with a high-quality imported penne. I have not tried it, but this dish could be equally wonderful with ground turkey.


Wisdom’s Natural Poultry (both thighs and ground chicken are available)