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Garlic scapes. NYTimes breaks story. No e-scape.

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Garlic scapesI had never seen a garlic scape before this Farmer’s Market, and had no idea whatsoever how to cook with them until this timely NYTimes article. Inspired by what can only be called a homage to alternative garlic, I grabbed a big handful of scapes from the ¡Cultiva! Youth Project and set to work cooking.

Scapes are especially interesting because they are a byproduct of garlic production, a part of the garlic plant that is traditionally cut off to promote the growth of the bulb and discarded. Some clever farmers discovered that they were not only edible, but delicious enough to some that there is a ready market for them at upscale produce venues.

Garlic Scapes in the Manner of Green Beans
First I made the White Bean and Garlic Scapes Dip described in the article, a sort of cannellini-based hummus. The result was delicious, with a subtle alterna-garlic kick. This dish was well-received, though some in our party felt that fewer scapes in the mix would make a less daunting exercise in garlic. Enboldened, and following Melissa Clark’s lead, I threw together the following dish:

Garlic Scapes in the Manner of Green Beans

  1. large handful of garlic scapes, chopped diagonally into 2″ lengths
  2. 2 Tb butter
  3. 1 Tb lemon juice
  4. black pepper to taste

Blanch scapes in salted water for 7 minutes. Drain and dry scapes. Melt butter in sauté pan, toss scapes until done to your liking. Add lemon juice and black pepper to taste.

Very interesting. The flavor is subtle, with obvious garlic notes, and texture somewhat similar to that of green beans, but “gummier.”

All excitement at New York Greenmarkets aside, perhaps these are an acquired taste.


¡Cultiva! Youth Project