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Slow food? A locavore’s dilemma. One approach.

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

With the help of Michael Pollan’s books, Slow Food and the locavore movement are now firmly entrenched in the zeitgeist. It’s not just about food: issues of health, lifestyle, sustainability, and appropriate technology all come in to play. But you have to start somewhere.

Choosing seasonal, local food has obvious appeal, yet it is surprisingly difficult to  put this idea into daily practice. Beyond shopping mindfully at your local Whole Foods, what’s an aspiring locavore to do?

In Boulder, Colorado we have a vibrant local farmer’s market, and with some luck you may have one too.  The idea behind this blog is simple: choose a main ingredient from the Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning, decide how to cook a dish with it, and report on the results here. From BCO, fresh, every week.