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Got eggplant? NYT to rescue. Turkish-style.

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

I clipped an interesting recipe from the NYT a few weeks ago: Pasta with Turkish-Style Lamb, Eggplant, and Yogurt Sauce, and as luck would have it Red Wagon Organic Farm brought irresistable japanese eggplants to market. The recipe called for greek yogurt; hmmm, there’s ground lamb in the freezer and a new tub of Fage 0% – let’s cook. I executed the recipe with a few riffs that reduced the brown butter sauce and incorporated a little more yogurt, the results were outstanding. Aleppo pepper is worth seeking out – Penzeys carries it and describes it as “an ancho-like flavor with a little more heat and tartness.” Perfect here, and at home wherever you would use classic red pepper flakes.


Red Wagon Organic Farm